This Jukebox was produced in 1956 and was one of two models produced for wurlitzer`s centennial anniversary it plays both sides of fifty two 45rpm records making one hundred and four selections,to make a selection you inserted your coins to get credet 5,10c or a quarter,then you made your selections by pressing a letter and number,the carousel would rotate,and when the selection was lined up with the lifting arms,there were two,one on the left and right side of the mech the record would lift from the carousel up towards the turntable,side A of the record would lift from the left side,and side B would lift from the right side,when the record was lined up with the turntable,the turntable would clamp the record and the tone arm would play the record on its side.

Some Technical details
The amplifier has eight Valves/tubes (12AU7,6AN6,2x12AX7,6AU6 2x6L6G,5U4)The front end of this amplifier is unusual as the machine is using the "ZENITH COBRA" cartridge,one half of the 12AU7 is used as an oscillator,the pickup is part of a loading coil on the grid of the osc,the frequency varies minutly as the stylus works it way through the record,this varies the current on the anode/plate of the triode which is fed through a lowpass filter and is then fed into the pentode part of the 6AN8 and is used as a preamp this is fed to a 12AX7 and is fed to a the other half of the 12AU7 which is used for auto level control (the same loudness for all records) and then it is fed to a 6AU6 for tone and bass correction and then to a 12AX7 phase splitter which is fed tontwo 6L6`s in push pull ,whaich drives a transformer which then drives five speakers (two bass and one midrange and two tweeters.
Wurlitzer 1900
Another pic
Close up of centennial emblem
Mech playing record
Wall box for 1900