This Jukebox was produced in 1936/37 and was one of the 16 selection simplex models produced at this time,to make a selection you pressed one or more of the butttons on the rotary selector on the front of the machine then you inserted your coins 5c for one play,10c for two plays and a quarter for five plays the mech would then kick out the required tray and the turntable would rise to meet the disc and bring it up to the tone arm.The lighting is interesting as it was produced before the light up jukeboxes,the back of the mech is lit by a single bulb onto a rainbow painted board,at the front accros the speaker has lucite bars lit by six bulbs.

Some Technical details
The amplifier has 7 valves/tubes (30x2,45x4,5Y3) The 5Y3 is used for HT rectification,the 30 which is a battery valve is used as a preamp for the magnetic pickup this is fed via a tone switch to another 30 which is fed to a 45 used to drive a phase splitting transformer this then feeds a pair of 45`s which drive a push-pull output transformer,the other 45 is used for providing bias for the output stage.The two 30`s heater`s voltage is derived from a bleeder network from the HT line.
Wurlitzer 616a
Close up of the rotary selector
Mech through window
Mech playing