This Jukebox was produced by wurlitzer in 1940 and is one of the so called golden age jukeboxes.It plays twenty four 78 rpm records,to make a selection you pressed one or more of the buttons on a keyboard in front of the machine then you inserted your coins 5c for one play,10c for two plays and a quarter for five plays,then the mech kick out the selected tray from the record stack and the turntable would rise to meet the record and bring it up to the tone arm.

Some Technical details
The amplifier has 5 valves/tubes (6J5,6SC7,2x6L6G,5Z3) The 6J5 is used as a preamp for the magnetic pickup,this is fed to a 6SC7 which is a double triode and is used as a phase splitter for the two 6L6 output valves which drive a push pull output transformer,the 5Z3 is used for HT rectification .
Wurlitzer 700
Playing record
Close up of speaker grill
Amplifier and coin mech
Mech through window
Close up of tone arm