This Jukebox was produced in 1957 by AMI it plays both sides of one hundred 45rpm records,making 200 selections,the records are held in a carousel and when you make a selection the carousel would rotate until the selected record reached the top of the carousel,the the gripper would grab the record and pull it out of the carousel turn 180 degrees and place the record on the turntable and the tone arm would play the record.

Some Technical details
The amplifier has six Valves/tubes (5U4,12AX7,2x12AU7,2x6L6) the 5U4 is used for the HT rectifier the 12AX7 is used for preamp for the magnetic pickup which is fed to a 12AU7 which is used in tone and volume control which is then fedto another 12AU7 which is used as a phase splitter which feeds a pair of 6L6`s which drives a push pull output transformer in ultralinier mode,this drives two speakers a 12" bass unit and a horn tweeter.
AMI H200
Ami 200 logo
Close up of mech playing record
Title racks
Record carousel
Another picture of carousel
Wall box for AMI 200