A great find

About three weeks ago I took my dog Edison out for a walk around the block here near my home in Glasnevin in Dublin.As I was walking I saw skip accross the road from me and on top of all the rubbish I saw what I thought was a big wheel from a golf cart In the back of my mind I was thinking it could be a round ekco radio,anyway I dissmised that idea and went on for my walk,I was thinking on the way back from my walk that I had better have a closer look at the wheel just in case !.We crossed over to the skip and I could not belive what I saw a round Ekco radio buried in rubbish.I asked the guy clearing out the house (the skip was in a garden) could I take the radio and he told me to help myself which I did.I had to take a brick out of the back of the set.I walked home with the dog and the radio.I had a closer look at the radio when i got home it turned out to be a Black and Chrome AD-65 I could`nt belive my luck,the cabnet is not cracked and I think it will restore ok.Some pictures below.Keep looking in skips.

Front of AD-65

Back of AD-65

Side of AD-65