This Jukebox is a Seeburg Synphanola Model D,It was produced in 1936 it has 12 selections,It looks like the previous model C but uses a different amplifier and has an extra speaker for high frequencies.You make your selection by turning the knob to the requied selection and then insert a nickel (5c Coin) for one tune or a dime (10c coin) for two tune`s,the record (which is located on the left hand side,in a stack of sliding tray`s) slid`s over to the right hand side,and the the turntable rises and picks up the record from the tray and on to the pickup.

Some Technical details
The amplifier has 7 valves/tubes (57,2x56,80,5Y3,2x2A3) The 57 is used as a preamp for the moving vain pickup,the two 56`s are conected in paralell and used to drive a phase splitting transformer,which in turn drives the push pull output stage using two 2A3 output triodes which drives via output transformer two speakers,one which is a high frequency speaker,the 5Y3 rectifier is used for the HT etc ,and the 80 is used for biasing the two directly heated 2A3`s
Synphanola Model D
Close up of the amplifier
Amplifier and speakers
Close up of the speakers
Mech playing
Coin slide
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