This Jukebox was produced in 1956/57 by seeburg it plays both sides of one hundred 45rpm records,making 200 selections,it and its sister the V200 were the first jukebox to have 200 selections,it is also the first jukebox to use electronic computer know how from that time.The records were stacked verticaly from one end of the box to the other end and when you made a selection the whole playing mechenism moved from one end of the record stack to the other and back again,when it reached the required selection it stopped and would pull the record from the stack and clamp it onto the turntable,and the tone arm then played the record.On the front of the jukebox there was not enough space to put all the title`s for the records,so they used a revolving drum which is divided into five segments,with twenty title strips per segment,there are five red buttons which when pressed turn the drum to the required segment.This jukebox has one of the best soud from this era.

Some Technical details
The amplifier had 8 Valves/tubes (5879,6SN7,6SK7,6SL7,12AX7,2x6L6,5U4) The 5879 is used as a preamp for the magnetic pickup this fed into 6SN7 half used for amplification and the other as a cathode follower for volume bass an treble controls,this is fed throgh an automatic volume control circuit (6SK7,6SL7),which is fed to a 12AX7 which is used as a phase splitter which is fed to 2x6L6`s output valves which fed a ultra linier pushpull output transformer which fed four speakers,two 12" bass and two 8" tweeters.
This jukebox selection system was the first to use computer electronics from the era,which was based around a device called a tormat system which was an early form of memory using magnetic cores which could have there magnetic state changed to a "0 or 1" and could be read. As the mech scans the record stack it would scan the tormat unit which had all these cores in them,and when it reached the selected core it would play the record and cancel the core.There were electronics there to do this which comprised of 6 valves (6X4,2xOA2,12AX7,2x2050) the 2050`s are thyratons (a gas filled tetrode).
Seeburg VL200
Amplifier on top half of picture electronics for tormat on bottom
Close up of mech
Wall box for VL200