Some Radio History Dates

1864 "J.K Maxwell presented the theory of electromagnetic waves"
1883 "Thomas Edison Inventer of the phonagraph discoverd that an electric current could pass through space from a burning filament of a light bulb to an adjacent electrode and he called this the "EDISON EFFECT"
1887 "Heinrich R Hertz transmitted with a spark transmitter and recieved with a resonator accross a room"
1890 "Edouard Branly built a detector for radio waves,a glass tube filled with metal fillings which contucted when exposed to radio waves"
1894 "Sir Oliver Lodge improved on Branly`s detector and called it a "coherer"
1895 "Guigliemo Marconi In Italy,succeeded in sending morse signals over a mile"
1896 "Marconi came to England and took out patent on his wireless telegraph system"
1899 "Marconi`s system was adopted for ship to shore comunication"
1901 "Marconi recieved a signal (the letter S) from Poldhu in Cornwall to St John`s,Newfoundland, a distance of 1800 miles"
1902 "Valdemer Poulson developed the arc transmitter"
1904 "J Ambrose Fleming patented the two electrote valve "DIODE" and used for detecting radio signals"
1906 "Lee DeForest patented the three elctrode valve "TRIODE"
"R Fessenden transmitted speech over several hundred miles"
1914 "Marconi began experimental speech transmissions from Marconi House in London"
1915 "First broadcast of speech from Arlington Virginia to Paris"
1918 "The Marconi company began experemental transmissions from Ireland to America"
"The seperheterodyne circuit was invented"
1920 "Dame Nellie Melba the famous Australian singer gave concert from Marconi`s Company in Chelmsford"
1922 "First Broadcast from Marconi`s Writtle station 2MT"
"First Broadcast from Marconi`s London station 2LO"
"First Broadcast from the Metropolitan Vickera Station 2ZX"
"The British Broadcasting Company`s 2LO began broadcasting"
"BBC stamp applied to equipment passed by the Postmaster-General,this lasted two years"
1923 "First outside broadcast from Covent garden London"
"First Broadcast from BBC`s Savoy Hill Studios"
"First issue of the "Radio Times"
"First broadcast of Big Ben"
"Experimental broadcasts from 2RN in Dublin Ireland"
1926 "First broadcast from Dublin`s 2RN"
"First type of all enclosed speaker mains radio`s"
"British Broadcasting Company disolved"
1927 "British Broadcasing Corporation constituted under royal charter for ten years"
"First broadcast from 6CK in Cork in Ireland"
"A regular transatlantic service was introduced"
1930 "BBC start Television experiments"
"6CK in Cork stops broadcasting"
1932 "The new BBC headquarters "Broadcasting house" is opened"
"First experimental television using baird`s 30 line system brodcasted from Broadcast House"
1936 "High definition television from Alexandra Palace"
"Broadcast of Abdication speech of Edward VIII"
1937 "Death of Guiglielmo Marconi"